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Saturday- I was gonna do so much like take mom on a trip downtown but couldn't cuz of the huge outtage.

Sunday-Was gonna go to the free fair, but ended up going to help RT and then meeting the familia. What a day of surprises.

Today-I hope to do what I plan to do.
-It's hard to hang out with someone who is constantly telling me what to say or do.
-I am sick of being in a dead end relationship that kills my soul being around you destroys my soul
-I am sick of people who talk in a rude way and have no consideration for my feelings like fuck off already.
my family wants to go on a hotel trip but the hotel buffet will only have toast that i can eat, they like hotel food cuz it is lots of bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, oatmeal and fruit.

I heart you Gwen

My karma must be outta this world cuz the repurcussions are so quick and instant that they make me realize my intentions so much sooner.

Message of the week

Don't sweat the small stuff

Bad Karma seems to be coming in waves

I was left off of the list. I am sick of having to fight for the same rights people take for granted. Other people are memorable and get mentioned while living in ignorance. New motto the less you care the happier you will be thanks Courtney for that.

This is very funny a friend sent it to me

Why Does Everyone Act Like They Have Their Shit Together?
So there is something that I have noticed, on all dating sites,

What is with the requirements list that everyone has. Also,

What is with everyone having a full time job, part time school, exercise 5 times a week.....

So if all of that is true, why do you need to meet someone? Full time job, part time school.... So... you have what, two hours a night that you're alone and bored and want to fill those two hours up with someone else? Is that was a relationship is these days? Or are people lying about how much free time they really have?

Who wants to start dating someone whos working full time and in school part time? Why do people look for someone that is tall, must love dogs, must look like an asian justin bieber, and have a post secondary education....

I hate to break it to you, but post secondary education doesn't make you smarter, or better than anyone else. By asking someone to look like someone else, you're limiting yourself in so many ways. Must love dogs? Well you must love crocodiles. If you don't, theres no chance.

What would happen, if people were honest about what they wanted in a relationship. Where are the ads, that tell it like it is. I get home from work for 4pm and sit around doing nothing, playing farmville on my phone until I feel hunger pangs, order a pizza and watch a movie until I pass out. Would be nice to have someone to go out with and have some fun, because my life sucks. That's someone I'd message and want to hang out with, now we're talking sense.

I wouldn't message someone that says, I own 3 cars, 2 houses and 1 boat, I work 90 hours a week, and on weekends I exercise....

Stop pretending you have your shit together. No one does. Not one person. We're all here, as confused and lost as the next person. Yet we all pretend like we know whats up. Except we never actually look up and see the stars, we look down at our phones. We're not consciously evolving that way.

Everyone keeps telling the world what they want, but at the same time, they forget to give who they are to the world. I want to know the raw honest version of who you are. I don't want to know that you work full time and go to school part time, who cares? Who are you? What do you stand for? What makes you vulnerable? What makes your heart sing? We're so afraid of expressing even our own sexuality, because society has conditioned us that sex is dirty, men seeing women as sex objects, women acting like sex objects, it's all bullshit. Whatever happened to romance and intimacy? Whatever happened to opening more and more of ourselves to someone in complete surrender? Sex is the most beautiful experience of the human condition, but only when its done in love rather than lust. Sexual freedom is something very few people experience. You don't need a partner to experience it. You just need to be honest with yourself about what turns you on. When you find out what, find out why? Ask yourself, why does this person, fetish or fantasy turn me on? Then see that persons beauty, instead of your desire. Delve into your fetishes, explore them, play out a fantasy, buy that sex toy, feel free to stick something up your ass without feeling like its homosexual or wrong. The amount of stress that is held there, because everyone has their shit together.... is insane. Release that stress and realize that you don't have it together and you never did. Everyone is running around as if they have to accomplish something beyond themselves. Who are you? Do you even know?