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Jun. 22nd, 2014

purple T
You see...if you're middle class, you're too rich to be subsidized and too poor to be elite.

Jun. 19th, 2014

I roasted my first marshmallow ever with Angela, April and Jane it was fun to experience what it's like to go camping. Also, I went to Mel's twice, he says I am his number one customer. Jillian had made pancakes and offered me some.

Mar. 25th, 2014

hemos perdido otra vez
This video breaks my heart I feel awful for the young girl that coulda been me back then, being gypsy and all I hear so many stories of the trail of tears my people have left behind. Gypsies are people too, they deserve freedom, peace and love!
swirl Sh how about I use dijon mustard, sour cream, dill and red peppers. It would be heavenly.

I want real love

All the guys I have ever met in my life only wanted to get in my pants, all guys think with their penis not their brain. Guys are only nice in beginning when they want to get a girlfriend then you start to see their true selfish colours, afterwards they become sex monsters who do it, run away to video games and movies. You are lucky if you even get a birthday present or if they even remember your birthday or anniversary, most guys are dirt cheap and won't even buy a girl dinner. Instead the girl is expected to clean, cook, buy dinner and put out. Chivalry is dead, I don't even see knights in a shiny armor anymore. I long for medieval romance where the men opened doors, picked you up and loved you and worshipped you. The guys in modern society lack manners, consideration and they just want women to be slaves that put out, their is no concern for the women's health or happiness, Most days I feel so empty and just want to leave forever. It's so hard to find someone who really cares enough to invite you to a party or take you to the shopping mall. Most guys are so self-absorbed they cannot even get off the couch yet they criticize women for having a little meat on her bones, soo many double standards. Dating is a joke today.

Sep. 14th, 2013

Out of sight out of mind, practice it and you will be awesome my dear.

This is hilarious

Looking for someone who doesn't abide by society's wrecked moral framework. No, I don't like people who are ignorant and selfish enough to support animal slaughter so they can go stuff their faces with it at fancy restaurants. I think religion is complete bullshit and the masses of people who practice it even in 2013 are mentally ill. These two statements will cause about 99% of people to not like me, I'm sure. But I'm curious are there any other people here who share these simple beliefs?