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Came home and found the silver lining

After losing my beautiful light weight parasol white tranfering from buses I came home and searched through my room and found another one that is also light weight so it made me happy yay! Also found $1.20 on the bus and Elise felt bad cuz she couldn't use me as her model so she shampooed and straightened my hair yay!
Include me and I will include you. I am sick of being shunned that is a form of bullying and I see that.

I felt like sayin...

Oh your one of those white people that goes to temples just for free food? I heard the temple people frown upon that because those people aren't there for the religion but just for free food.

Best advice ever

If you don't go to the washroom you are holding up toxins in your body. If you don't go, toxins are building up and effecting other body systems.

Just awoke from a distrubing dream

I dreamt that I was in Paris and that Avril Lavigne passed away and then Gwen Stefani and then baby B. I just remember waking up with my heart pounding in total shock and us wondering how those people died from breathing problems. I love all those gals very much. They are often replicated hardly ever duplicated my idols and inspirations.

Dec. 28th, 2015

"Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth," Eker writes.

Answer for question 4569.

What culture (other than your own) do you find most interesting or intriguing? What draws you to this way of living? If you had the opportunity to move to a region where this culture was prevalent, would you do so? Why or why not?
Ancient Indian Culture fascinates me I like to learn Sanskrit so I can understand all 3 of the religions that originated there. Also there is so much history in the area. I am Greek and I wanna know what drove Alexander the Great to go that far.
total bullshit to me. Saha Dave passed away and so did Shaman Chris why is everyone I know just leaving at a young age? Eating out with Jami is a drag today at Red Robbin she questioned where the cheese came from and wondered if it was even really cheese in the huge piece of cheesecake.She got bottomless steamed broccoli that was kinda cold. I really had a lot of fun.

The Xmas store was the highlight of the day by far, I really liked those dogs that looked realistic. I was right Jami did like Saje store but she found Claire's expensive. Also for dinner I had my usual with unsalted fries and banzai garden burger which has a patty that makes it look way bigger than a beef burger.